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29 May 2017

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22 February 2017

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14 January 2018

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Italia.. Italia
30 November 2017

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short story
24 November 2017

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26 August 2017

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23 August 2017

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Old school
15 August 2017

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12 November 2016

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30 September 2016

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15 March 2016

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non-fixed lines
30 June 2015

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29 June 2015

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24 November 2014

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22 September 2013

Recent Comments

Steven on 2WOODS 2DUCKS
What a cute capture!!

Lalena on 2WOODS 2DUCKS
Perfect syncro! genial compo!

Existence Artistique on 2WOODS 2DUCKS
oh génial

Dimitrios on 2WOODS 2DUCKS
fun fun fun

omid on 2WOODS 2DUCKS
خخخخخخ ثبت لحظه ی خیلی خیلی جالب و قشنگ ... چرا سیاسی اش کردید آقا ...

: Helen : on 2WOODS 2DUCKS
Bottoms up!

Jean Louis on ExistentialisM
Beaucoup d'imagination !!!!

Hiro on ExistentialisM
Very nice book ends !

Ana Lúcia on ExistentialisM
Black and white was an excellent choice.

Mohammad/Navvab on ExistentialisM
یعنی جورج مارتین گاو است؟ یا گاو از وسطش رد شده است؟ یا ...

Nicou on ExistentialisM
Un sacrl corps cette vache aux belles cornes très original avec les livres Belle soirée Nicou

Mhelene on ExistentialisM
Superb ! And beautiful B&W !

Rick on ExistentialisM
Excellent black and white.

Martine Libouton on ExistentialisM
J'adore une très belle photo en B&W

Existence Artistique on ExistentialisM
intéressante recherche qui rend bien

Ronnie 2¢ on ExistentialisM
A great little find and clever interpretation !

omid on ExistentialisM
ثبت جالب و قشنگ ... فوکوس و فلو، عناصر و جزئیات زیبا ... فقط ارتباط ...

Harry on Village
the colorful display looks like a typical tourist souvenir stand, but the rubble and the wandering chickens make this ...

Michael Rawluk on Village
Very nice. I like th colourfulness of the shoes on the rack.

Mohammad/Navvab on Village
چرا این قدر خراب و کثیف

Le Krop on Village
Joli et touchant !

Maedeh Ashrafi on Village
نوع نگاهتان در به تصوير كشيدن عناصر يك روستا عاليست

farNaaz50 on Village
وقتی به این جاها میرسم ضمن اینکه دوست دارم و لذت میبرم بشدت هم آه ...

Gérard on Village
Hard one !!!!

Martine Libouton on Village
Une très belle composition ! J'aime

Existence Artistique on Village
c'est du bon travail

Nicou on Village
Ces poules entre les maisons ce ruisseau merveilleuse compo. Belle journée

omid on Village
چشم اندازِ روستاییِ قشنگ ... ترکیب، رنگهــــــــــــا و عناصر زیبا

Ronnie 2¢ on Village
There is something 'complete' about this - right down to the chickens.

Nicou on Italia.. Italia
Tout ce monde et ces affiches de ci néma fantastique compo Un grand merci et belle journée Nicou

Ana Lúcia on Italia.. Italia
What a beautiful evening shot.

Alimohammad on Italia.. Italia
سال 56 یک سریال به این نام پخش میشد

Tomix on Italia.. Italia
Belle image qui rappelle l'Italie et sa Vespa.

Jean Louis on Italia.. Italia
J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance de cette photo !! Ahhhh !! La "Vespa" !!!

farNaaz50 on Italia.. Italia
عجب ! این که اسم یه برنامه ی تلوزیونی هزار سال پیشه !

Adela Fonts on Italia.. Italia
A beautiful urban and nocturnal image...

Rick on Italia.. Italia
A Fantastic low-light image... very cinematic and dramatic !

Steven on Italia.. Italia
Excellent nighttime imagery with these beautiful colors!!

Existence Artistique on Italia.. Italia
bien ces affiches

Gérard on Italia.. Italia
Good night mood here

Aly on Italia.. Italia

Martine Libouton on Italia.. Italia
Très belle scène de rue!

Ronnie 2¢ on Italia.. Italia
This is an excellent shot given the lighting and activity - well done !

omid on Italia.. Italia
ثبت شبانه ی جاااااااااااالب ... ترکیب ( اگر چه کمی با سمت راست عکس ...

Rick on short story
You did a fantastic job with this selective colour !

fateme@@ on short story
جالب شده تماما در فکر دلیل تمایز سوژه رنگی هستم ...

MAU on short story
Excelente trabajo. Muy bien hecho.

MAU on Under the shade
Excelente sujeto, composición y ByN.

Nazzareno on short story
Great work.

farNaaz50 on short story
یکی از بسیار به جا ترین انتخاب - فقط قسمتی رنگی- که تا بحال دیده ام

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