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29 May 2017

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22 February 2017

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Tenth day
6 November 2017

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19 October 2017

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26 August 2017

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23 August 2017

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Old school
15 August 2017

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4 July 2017

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3 July 2017

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12 November 2016

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30 September 2016

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15 March 2016

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non-fixed lines
30 June 2015

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29 June 2015

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24 November 2014

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22 September 2013

Recent Comments

Ronnie 2¢ on Lanterns
What a strong effect the lanterns provide.

Ronnie 2¢ on Tenth day
Very impressive how this all integrates.

You Know Me on Tenth day
Interesting how you bring the viewer's attention to one person in a crowd!

fateme@@ on Tenth day
پشت کار ایده هست اما اجراش برام خیلی جذاب نبود

Hiro on Tenth day
nice atmosphere

Brockaly on Tenth day
Yes a fine lively scene.

Le Krop on Tenth day
Superbe image, qui ressemble à une fresque.

Steven on Tenth day
An interesting composition where the real people almost blend with the people in the mural!!

Martine Libouton on Tenth day
Une superbe prise !

omid on Tenth day
نتبجه ی کار عالی شده

Existence Artistique on Tenth day

Le Krop on Lanterns
Jolie recherche.

Colin at Eyeconic on Nocturnal
Love this - especially the tones

kerrfoa on Lanterns
C'est une excellente photographie

farNaaz50 on Under the shade
اگر در سر یک ملت بذر دانش و اخلاق بکارید و آنها را آبیاری کنید ...

farNaaz50 on Tenth day
روز واقعه

farNaaz50 on Lanterns
زاویه دید عجیب و خوب و پنهانی

Adela Fonts on Lanterns
An excellent composition!

Steven on Lanterns
An interesting viewpoint you've captured here!! The lanterns make good silhouettes.

Existence Artistique on Lanterns
belle prise

hossein on Lanterns
درود بر عمو

Martine Libouton on Lanterns
Très belle composition !

omid on Lanterns
نگاه و ثبت معنادار و جالب ... زاویه ی دید، کادر، فوکوس، رنگها و ...

Juan Antonio Zamarripa [Esqueda] on Tenth day
Stunning capture. September equinox? Tassoua? Simply curious. Peace!

Steven on Tenth day
This is a stunning photo both subject and exposure. The young man draws our attention. I might crop 20% from the right ...

hoda soltani on Tenth day
واقعااا کادرش عالیه.

hoda soltani on Tenth day
انتخاب صحنه عالی ادیت هم خیلی به جا

Existence Artistique on Tenth day

Martine Libouton on Tenth day
Très belle prise

Olivier P on Tenth day
Beautiful shot ! Love this catch ! Well done !

omid on Tenth day
ثبتِ مستندِ قشنگ ... فوکوس و فلو، نورها و ویرایش خیلی زیبـــــــــا

fateme@@ on Tenth day
نگاه عالیه

Gérard on Tenth day
Sory Amir. This photo certainly contains a strong message. But my lack of culture about Islam and writing on the car ...

Existence Artistique on Tenth day

Nazzareno on Tenth day
A great composition.

Martine Libouton on Tenth day
Très belle ta photo

omid on Tenth day
خیلی خیلی جالب و زیباست ... انتخاب مکان، ترکیب، عناصر و رنگهای خیلی ...

Nicou on Under the shade
Ce enfant tout petit sur ce gros tank quelle compo et iamge superbe. Amitié

Benkirane Thami on Under the shade
Est-il en train de lire le mode d'emploi du char ? Judicieuse diagonale! Paisible fin de journée!

Benkirane Thami on Under the shade
Est-il en train de lire le mode d'emploi du char ? Paisible fin de journée!

Lalena on Under the shade

Existence Artistique on Under the shade
bel effet

omid on Under the shade
مشابه این عکس رو قبلا هم گذاشته بودید ... ثبت قشنگ و البته خیلی قابل ...

Gérard on Under the shade
Dark shade yes !

Harry on Moscow,Arbat
excellent street scene. It looks like some rain in those clouds,

Ana Lúcia on Moscow,Arbat
Great shot...totally captured the vibrancy of this place!

Mohammad/Navvab on Moscow,Arbat
زیبا و خوش زاویه

fateme@@ on Moscow,Arbat
رؤیایی شده

Steven on Moscow,Arbat
Great streetscape scene captured here!

omid on Moscow,Arbat
ثبت مستندِ قشنگ ... ترکیب، پرسپکتیو، ابرها، رنگها و نورهای خیلی ...

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